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Docker Cloud Agent fail - Invalid Token


If you are trying to register your own node to Docker Cloud but the registration fails with the error message Token is invalid in the log, you need to generate a new BYON token.


When trying to register your own node to Docker Cloud, the following error message appears:

2016/03/10 09:48:10 Registering in Docker Cloud via PATCH:
2016/03/10 09:48:11 PATCH error 401 :either UUID (a9b962b9-eee4-4029-b523-6e5729946941) or Token is invalid


  1. Obtain a new token by executing the following command:
    docker-cloud node byo
  2. This command will give you the command needed to bring your own node, including the token.
    Docker Cloud lets you use your own servers as nodes to run containers. For this you have to install our agent.
    	Run the  following  command on your server:
    	curl -Ls | sudo -H sh -s 63ad1c63ec5d431a9b31133e37e8a614
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