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How do I change my Docker username?

Account renames have been temporarily suspended due to system migration. To change your Docker username, make a copy of your existing images, request your old Docker account to be disabled, create a new Docker username, and restore your images and Automatic Builds to your new Docker account. 


Before requesting your old Docker username to be disabled:

  1. Download any images (and tags) you wish to keep by running the following command: docker pull -a <image>
  2. Delete all repositories associated with your account.
  3. If you have an active Docker subscription, downgrade to the free plan.
  4. If you have a license key, download the key from your Docker Hub account. The download link will no longer be available after the rename.
  5. If you belong to an organization, remove yourself from the organization.
  6. If you are the sole owner of an organization, either remove yourself from the organization or add someone to the "owners" team and then remove yourself from the organization.
  7. Unlink your Github and Bitbucket accounts.


Once you have completed the preparation steps, contact Support to disable your Docker username. If you have a current subscription, go to the Docker Support Site. Otherwise, go to the Customer Service Request form. 

Docker Support will then proceed to deactivate your account, remove the associated email addresses, and notify you when you can create a new account. Once your email address has been removed from the old account, you may then proceed with creating a new account using that email address.


After creating your new account, you can restore images and add additional email addresses to the account.

  1. Run docker tag for all of your images with your new account name.
  2. Run docker push for each of your images to push to your new Docker Hub account.
  3. If you created any Automated Builds, recreate them on the new account.
  4. Add any additional email addresses to the account.