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How do I move repositories among organization in Docker Hub?


I want to move repositories among organizations in Docker Hub


After completing this how-to you will have your repositories migrated to your desired Organization


If you want to move your repository among organizations, then you would need to do the following:
1. Pull your image docker pull <old-organization>/<repo-name>:<tag-name>
2. Set the new tag on an image
docker tag <old-organization>/<repo-name>:<tag-name> <new-organization>/<repo-name>:<tag-name>
3. Push the image on Docker Hub
docker push <new-organization>/<repo-name>:<tag-name>
4. Remove the image from the host
docker rmi <old-organization>/<repo-name>:<tag-name>
And also go to the Docker Hub and click on Delete Repository.

Note: In order to remove an image from the host, please make sure that there are no containers actively based on it.