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Why can’t I push images to Docker Hub after logging in?

After logging in, if you receive the following error when trying to push images to Docker Hub, you have some issues with the authentication payload:

unauthorized: authentication required

Perform a simple check on the ~/.docker/config.json file and ensure that the endpoint is correct. The correct configuration should look something like this:

   "auths": {
           "": {
                   "auth": "Y2hlcnlscTI2OkNoZXJRMjYqKg==",
                   "email": ""

Take note that the authentication endpoint should be The remaining payload (auth and email) will vary from user to user.

In addition, please ensure that you are pushing the images with the following syntax:

docker push <namespace>/<image>:<tag>

For example:

docker push mydockerid/hello-world:latest

Note: This issue commonly arises when you are using Docker Engines that are not from