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Can I beta test the upcoming release?

If a customer has asked about testing the beta version of an upcoming release of Docker EE, check the wiki for the specific version you are being asked about. For example, UCP 2.1 is the first version of UCP to use Docker Engine v1.13. Thus the information about the UCP 2.1 beta version is under the Docker Engine 1.13 header. You must be logged into the wiki to view this information.

The customer will need to follow some rules to join the beta. First, they must be approved by both Roger Egan and Marc Verstaen. Second, the customer must download and install the beta and the beta license. They must also test their beta installation with a few exercises that are provided for beta testers. Finally, the customer must maintain a high degree of feedback during the beta test. It is crucial to maintain lots of feedback because engineering performs issue triage on Docker EE based on the specific feedback.

NOTE: The release timelines for Docker products are considered compartmentalized information and should not be given to customers without explicit prior authorization. You can give the customer an ambiguous answer ("in the coming weeks" or "in the next few months") but do not give them specific information about the releases.

Example Question: "When will the new version of Docker EE be available? We want to explore this direction in a test environment and make plans for the transition from our current version. Is there a beta? We have lots to work out given there are lots of differences between the versions. If we can get into the beta it would be fantastic."

Example Response: "We do have a beta program, but getting involved with the beta is a little more involved than downloading and installing it. We have beta testers complete a set of exercises upon installing the beta. The exercises are designed to test the capabilities of the beta new version. We also need feedback from the beta testers about these exercises. Additionally, you would need to maintain a high level of feedback during the beta testing phase, as the program is tightly coupled to an issue triage process for the General Availability release. The beta test also requires installing a new license, as well as adhering to a specific timetable. If you're interested in joining the beta and fulfilling the requirements of the program, let me know and we can get you on the list to participate for future releases. Thank you for your interest in the program."

If the customer replies that they still wish to join the beta, and that they are able to abide by the program's requirements, new entrants must be approved by both Roger Egan and Marc Verstaen.

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