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MobyLinuxVM hangs on shutdown


Hyper-V VMs can, on occasion, lose network connectivity with the host, causing it to hang and leading to the host having to be rebooted.  This article walks you through ending the MobyLinuxVM without having to reboot the host.

 When network connectivity with a VM drops, the host is supposed to immediately re-connect, but sometimes the VM doesn't see the disconnect and holds open the old socket. The host closes the socket on its side and opens a new one.  The two are up and online, but completely disconnected from each other. Here is the error you'll see in Docker:

Unable to stop: Couldn't stop VM MobyLinuxVM
at Fatal, <No file>: line 376
at Stop-VM-Force, <No file>: line 372
at Stop-MobyLinuxVM, <No file>: line 302
at <ScriptBlock>, <No file>: line 383


Before performing these steps, you must meet the following requirements:

  • As of this KB - Docker CE 17.06.1
  • Windows 10
  • Hyper-V


Use the following steps to find the MobyLinuxVM PID to kill:

  1. If you don't have it already, download Process Explorer from Sysinternals
  2. Find the GUID for the offending VM:
    1. Check for the GUID name in C:\ProgramData\Docker\windowsfilter . Remember or write down at least the first couple and last few characters of the GUID — you're going to need to match.
    2. In Process Explorer look for VMWP.EXE and then look under Command Line for the process. A parameter on the command will be the GUID from the Virtual Machines folder. Keep looking until you find the one with the same GUID!
  3. Stop the VM. After finding it, right-click on that VMWP.EXE and choose Kill Process! The Virtual Machine should immediately turn off.
  4. Restart Docker.