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UCP support dump takes a long time

Sometimes a UCP support dump can take a long time to generate. Typically this occurs when one or more nodes are running support dumps and are taking a long time to complete. What process(es) are taking a long time to complete can be examined using a UCP client bundle while support dump is running.

To find the support dump process that is taking a long time, follow these steps:

  1. Open a terminal and load a UCP client bundle.
  2. Start a support dump from the UI.
  3. Then identify all instances of running containers using the ucp-dsinfo container:
    docker ps |awk '$2 ~ /ucp-dsinfo/ {print $NF}'
  4. After some time, the number of running containers will start to reduce, and troubleshooting can proceed with the longest-running containers using docker exec. Use docker exec to exec into one of the long-running dsinfo containers and check its process listing using ps:
    for c in $(docker ps |awk '$2 ~ /ucp-dsinfo/ {print $NF}'); do echo $c; docker exec -it $c ps -ef; done

Once the process is identified, you can troubleshoot the process to determine why it is taking so long.