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When using 3rd Party CA's, get the following error from DTR (failed to establish openid authentication):


When utilizing 3rd party CAs, the following error is received from DTR:

"Failed to establish openid authentication",  "detail": "OpenID Connect Error\n\ninvalid_client\n\nunable to validate authentication JWT: unable to get service signing key: unable to fetch service keys from HTTP error: Get dial tcp i/o timeout" 


Before performing these steps, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Verify there are no networking issues blocking communication between UCP and DTR.


This "unable to validate authentication of JWT" error is typically an issue caused by DTR re-registering itself with enzi. This can fail for different reasons and can be fixed using the reconfigure command:

docker run -it --rm docker/dtr:<dtr-version> reconfigure --ucp-url <ucp-url> --ucp-username <ucp-username> --ucp-password <ucp-password>
  1. Replace <dtr-version> with the version of DTR running on the cluster.
  2. If running behind a load balancer, the <ucp-url> should point to the load balancer such as the CNAME of ELB in AWS.
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