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Error retreiving usage metrics observed in UCP UI

  • The following usage metrics errors can be observed from the UCP UI:
Error retrieving cpu usage metrics
Error retrieving memory usage metrics
Error retrieving disk usage metrics

  • The ucp-metrics container does not start and appears to be Exited in docker ps -a output:
$ docker ps -a --filter name=ucp-metrics
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                      COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                         PORTS               NAMES
bfafbfc679e4        docker/ucp-metrics:2.1.4   "/bin/entrypoint.s..."   4 days ago          Exited (1) About an hour ago                       ucp-metrics
  • Running the docker logs command against the ucp-metrics container reveals the following error:
$ docker logs -t ucp-metrics 
2017-07-10T23:43:59.173335762Z time="2017-07-10T23:43:59Z" level=error msg="Error opening memory series storage: leveldb/storage: corrupted or incomplete meta file" source="main.go:181"


Clear the corrupted metrics database using the commands below. All historical metrics will unfortunately be lost in this procedure:

# docker run --rm -it -v ucp-metrics-data:/data alpine sh
# rm -rf /data/* 

Remove the metrics container and trigger the ucp-reconciler to run and reconcile the metrics container again:

# docker rm ucp-metrics -f
# docker start ucp-reconcile 
# docker logs -f ucp-reconcile

Once the reconciliation completes, metrics should be functional on this UCP node once again.