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How do I enable "debug" logging for UCP?

To enable debug logging for your UCP controllers, navigate in the Web UI to Admin Settings > Logs > LOG SEVERITY LEVEL, and select DEBUG.   The setting will take effect within about a minute.

Warning: Applying a change to this setting will result in UCP controllers restarting and may briefly interrupt UCP availability.

To confirm the setting has taken effect, check the arguments on the ucp-controller container for --debug

$ docker inspect ucp-controller --format '{{range .Args}}{{printf "%s\n" .}}{{end}}' | grep debug

To disable debug logging, perform these steps again, setting LOG SEVERITY LEVEL to INFO.

This setting controls the log level for the following main UCP components:

  • ucp-agent service
  • ucp-auth-store containers
  • ucp-controller containers
  • ucp-hrm service
  • ucp-kv containers

To configure debug logging for the Docker daemon, please see How do I enable "debug" logging of the Docker daemon?