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How to find the debug logs when a DTR push/pull fails

If a push/pull to your DTR fails, look for information in the debug logs from the ucp-controller container.

To enable debug logs on the UCP controller, go to the Settings page in the UCP UI. Under the Logs Settings tab, select DEBUG from the LEVEL dropdown and click the Enable Remote Logging button. It is okay to leave the other fields blank.

Next, access a shell on the UCP Controller host. Rundocker logs -f ucp-controller 2>&1 | ucp-controller.log. While this runs, try the docker push/pull ... command that failed (using the Docker client configured to use the UCP cert bundle as before). It will fail again, but now there should be debug logs on the controller container as a result.

Next, press Ctrl+C in the other shell to interrupt the docker logs -f ... process. The ucp-controller.log file generated should include the debug logs from the failed push/pull.

NOTE: If you have more than one controller, for example 3 controllers, then go directly to each controller and set it — in your browser, go to https://controller-ip-1, https://controller-ip-2, and https://controller-ip-3 and enable debugging on each one.