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Multiple DTRs shown when only one exists

When changing the name of DTR through the reconfigure command, a stale DTR entry may be found in the UCP UI under Admin Settings > DTR. The stale entry in the following image has been highlighted.


This behavior has been reported to Docker Engineering under issue id dhe-deploy/4918.  

Perform the following steps using etcdctl to remove the stale entry.

On one manager node:

  1. Define a temporary alias that can be used to run etcdctl for convenience:

    alias etcdctl="docker exec -it ucp-kv /bin/etcdctl --ca-file /etc/docker/ssl/ca.pem --cert-file /etc/docker/ssl/cert.pem --key-file /etc/docker/ssl/key.pem --endpoints https://localhost:2379"
  2. List all known DTR entries in etcd:

    etcdctl ls /orca/v1/config/ |grep trustedregistry
  3. Remove the defunct entry:

    etcdctl rm /orca/v1/config/trustedregistry_name.of.dtr.from.step.2
  4. Confirm the entry has been removed:

    etcdctl ls /orca/v1/config/ |grep trustedregistry

On each manager, one at a time:

  1. Restart the ucp-controller container:

    docker restart ucp-controller
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