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Why am I receiving a "Failed to create new container" error while attempting to install, join, or restore a DTR replica?

When trying to install, join, or restore a DTR replica, you might get the following error:

Failed to create new container

There are multiple instances when you might receive this error. To debug this, check the constraints mentioned. They could look something like this:

Failed to create new container dtr-nginx-12a34b56c78d: Couldn't create container 'dtr-nginx-12a34b56c78d' from image 'docker/dtr-nginx:2.0.4': Error response from daemon: Unable to find a node that satisfies the following conditions
[port 80 (Bridge mode) port 443 (Bridge mode)]
[available container slots]
[container!=ucp-controller (soft=false) container!=dtr-api-* (soft=false)]


The error could be caused by any of the constraints mentioned in the console output. Try the following:

  1. Check that the node name mentioned in the constraints and ensure that it matches the name of the node listed in the UCP dashboard's Node page.
  2. Ensure the ports mentioned are not currently in use by another process or container.
  3. If you see the line container!=dtr-api-*, check your UCP's Admin Settings page. Under the Scheduler settings, ensure the option "Allow Administrators to deploy containers on UCP controllers or nodes running DTR" is checked.
  4. In the unlikely event that all three steps above are already verified and the issue still cannot be resolved, file a support ticket to further investigate the issue.
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