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Can't run task on node after converting it from a DTR node to a worker node

If you uninstalled DTR from a node and are unable to run tasks on it as a worker node, there might still be cluster configuration data somewhere that still thinks the former DTR node is still a manager node. This can happen if DTR was uninstalled incorrectly or some configuration was not done correctly.

To convert the former DTR node to a worker node, demote the node, remove it from the cluster, and then re-add it using the following steps:

  1. Drain the node using a command similar to the following:

    docker node update --availability drain <docker_node>
  2. Demote the node from manager status to worker status using a command similar to the following:

    docker node demote <docker_node>
  3. On the command line of the node itself, issue the following command to have it leave the swarm:

    docker swarm leave
  4. Now rejoin the node to the swarm using the join token.
    First, get the join token by running the following from a command line on a UCP node:

    docker swarm join-token worker

    Then add the node to this swarm as a worker, using the token from the previous command and the correct IP of the swarm manager:

    docker swarm join --token <your_join_token> <swarm_manager_ip>:2377

    Run the join command that was given to you on the node.

  5. You should now be able to run workloads on that node.