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DTR 2.2.x installation appears successful, can't get to UI, dtr-nginx containers restarting

When installing DTR 2.2.0 and higher on RHEL 7.2, the installation completes, but with the following warning:

INFO[0189] Waiting for DTR to start... 

INFO[0194] Waiting for DTR to start... 

WARN[0199] Couldn't confirm authentication works, but still completing installation: Failed to wait for dtr to come back up: Polling failed with 30 attempts 5s apart: error making request to openid/begin Get https://example.com/api/v0/openid/begin: read tcp x.x.x.x:42258->x.x.x.x:443: read: connection reset by peer 

INFO[0199] Installation is complete

If you receive this warning, check to see if the dtr-nginx container is continually restarting:

{"level":"info","msg":"watching for changes to configtracker.configSpec{src:\"hub.yml\", writer:(configtracker.WriterFunc)(0x4e3030), templateFunc:(configtracker.TemplateFunc)(0x4e2700), cacheKey:\"5dec3f25-c638-45b4-a216-8b1e966d9a6d\"}","time":"2017-02-16T15:56:49Z"} 

{"level":"fatal","msg":"failed to run nginx: signal: killed","time":"2017-02-16T15:57:04Z"} 

*** /bin/nginxwrapper exited with status 1.

If both of these conditions are met, you need to upgrade to seccomp 2.2.1, which is not installed with RHEL 7.2 by default.

Download and manually install the newer version of libseccomp (2.2.1), install DTR, and then the dtr-nginx container will start successfully. Refer to https://docs.docker.com/engine/secur...or-a-container for details.