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How do I change the location that DTR 2.0 saves images?

To change the location that DTR 2.0 uses to save image, stop DTR and Docker Engine, change the mount point, and start DTR:

  1. Stop DTR.

  2. Find the backing location of the volume. For example, if your instance ID is a9c967ae5ef2, the volume will be called dtr-registry-a9c967ae5ef2 and will be stored at /var/lib/docker/volumes/dtr-registry-a9c967ae5ef2/_data. You can verify the volume name and location using the following 2 commands:

    docker volume ls
    docker volume inspect
  3. Stop Docker Engine. Usually this can be done with one of the following commands, depending on your operating system:

    sudo systemctl stop docker.service
    sudo service docker stop
  4. Next, do a bind mount to this location. For example, to make /opt/bigdisk the backing store for the volume:

    mount -o bind /opt/bigdisk /var/lib/docker/volumes/dtr-registry-a9c967ae5ef2/_data
  5. Add this bind mount to your /etc/fstab so it will be in place on a reboot.

  6. Restart Docker Engine. DTR will be started by up automatically with Engine:

    sudo systemctl start docker.service
    sudo service docker start
  7. The named volume should be backed by your new location. Verify with the following commands as before:

    docker volume ls
    docker volume inspect