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Docker Enterprise Engine 18.03 FAQs

Article ID: KB000807

A new Enterprise Engine, 18.03.0-ee-1, has been released. This is a stand-alone engine release intended for EE Basic customers. It is not intended, qualified, or supported for use in an EE Standard or EE Advanced environment.

1. Can I upgrade my UCP cluster to 18.03 EE Engine?

No. Version 18.03 is not validated for use in a UCP-managed cluster (either as a manager or worker node). Do not upgrade your UCP cluster to version 18.03 of the Enterprise Engine.

2. Can I upgrade Docker Trusted Registry to use 18.03 EE Engine?

No. DTR 2.5 will only run on 17.06 EE Engine.

3. If I am running 18.03 EE Engine, can I push and pull images from DTR?

Yes. Even though DTR 2.5 will only run on 17.06 EE Engine, the 18.03 EE Engine release is qualified to allow for image signing and verification with DTR 2.5. In other words, you can push and pull images from DTR 2.5 using 18.03 EE Engine.

4. Why is 18.03 EE Engine only for Docker EE Basic customers?

Docker EE Basic includes the Docker EE Engine and does not include UCP or DTR. Since UCP and DTR can not be run on 18.03 EE Engine, it is intended for EE Basic customers. To learn more about the differences between Docker EE Basic, Standard, and Advanced, please refer to docker.com.