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Error message: 'No space left on device in default machine'

Article ID: KB000246


When I try to start a container I get a No space left on device in default machine error.

Diagnostic Steps

Here are a few commands that can help diagnose what's going on:

docker-machine ssh default
$ sudo find /var/lib/docker/ -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 | xargs sudo du -sch

This should give you an idea as to what is taking up space, for example:

4.0K    /var/lib/docker/repositories-aufs
56.0M   /var/lib/docker/graph
8.0K    /var/lib/docker/trust
14.7M   /var/lib/docker/init
104.0K  /var/lib/docker/.migration-v1-images.json
6.1G    /var/lib/docker/aufs
156.0K  /var/lib/docker/containers
24.3M   /var/lib/docker/image
272.9M  /var/lib/docker/tmp
1.6G    /var/lib/docker/volumes
108.0K  /var/lib/docker/network
152.0K  /var/lib/docker/linkgraph.db
230.5M  /var/lib/docker/vfs
0   /var/lib/docker/.migration-v1-tags
8.3G    total


To clean up images, try removing all images that aren't currently in use:

$ docker images -aq -f 'dangling=true' | xargs docker rmi

You may still have volumes to worry about. To clean those up:

$ docker volume ls -q -f 'dangling=true' | xargs docker volume rm

WARNING: Take care with this command, as it will remove all dangling volumes whether they are anonymous or named.