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Error streaming logs: invalid character after object key:value pair


While running docker container logs you see errors such as this:

Error streaming logs: invalid character ':' after object key:value pair


Error streaming logs: invalid character 'e' in string escape code

where the more general format is:

Error streaming logs: invalid character

followed by a single character delimited by single quotes, followed by (but not necessarily limited to) one of:

  • after object key:value pair
  • after object key
  • in string escape code
  • looking for beginning of value


Before performing these steps, you must meet the following requirements:

Root Cause

The cause appears to be most likely the result of an ungraceful shutdown, corrupting one or more container log files. When the container is started back up (eg, after an OS reboot), the engine's JSON log file parser is at odds with the contents of the logfile, resulting in the reported errors.


Rather than attempt to reconstruct the corrupted logs, the best and quickest approach to recovery is as follows:

  1. Identify the corrupted files (as root):

    for FILE in /var/lib/docker/containers/*/*-json.log
        jq '.' $FILE >/dev/null || echo "CORRUPT: $FILE"
  2. Stop the engine:

    systemctl stop docker


    service docker stop

    depending on your OS.

  3. (Optional) Make a backup copy of the corrupted log files (as reported by the script above).

    Be mindful of the size of the log file vs the remaining partition free space.

  4. Zero out the corrupted log files by executing the following for each corrupted log file:

    cat /dev/null > /path/to/corrupted/logfile
  5. (Optional) Set json-file log limits in /etc/docker/daemon.json. For example:

      "log-driver": "json-file",
      "log-opts": {"max-size": "10m", "max-file": "3"}
  6. Start the engine:

    systemctl start docker


    service docker start

    depending on your OS.

Additional Info

The script above uses jq, a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor. Installable packages are available.