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How do I add a member to the owners team of an organization on Docker Hub?

Article ID: KB000147

You can create Organizations in the Docker Hub to share repositories with coworkers and collaborators. Members of an organization can see only the teams to which they belong and their memberships. Members of the Owners team can see and edit all of the teams and all of the team membership lists. Docker Hub users outside an organization cannot see the Organizations or teams another user belongs to. For more information on Docker organizations, please visit the following link:


Each organization has an Owners team which contains the users who manage the organization’s settings. If you created the organization, you are automatically added to the Owners team. You can add new users to the Owners team and then leave the team if you want to transfer ownership. There must always be at least one member of the Owners team.

Note: You cannot change the Owners team permission settings. Only add users to the Owners team who you are comfortable granting this level of access.

The following is a visual step-by-step guide on adding a team member to the Owners team of your organization using the Docker Hub interface:

  1. Log into Docker Hub.

  2. Navigate to the Organizations & Teams Page.

  3. Select the organization you would like to edit.

    Organizations and Teams

  4. Click the Teams Tab and navigate to the Teams Page of the organization.

  5. Click the owners team.


  6. Enter the Docker ID or email address in the Add new member by username or email box.

  7. Click the "+" to add the member to the team.

    Add Member

  8. You will now notice the new member has been added to the Owners Team of your organization. This member will now be able to configure and edit all of the teams and team membership lists.

    Team Members