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How do I install Docker EE if I have an air-gapped environment?

Article ID: KB000561


I have an air-gapped environment, which is to say that my production systems are not connected to the open Internet. As a result, the Docker engine, UCP, and DTR installation instructions do not work because my systems cannot reach Docker Hub or Store to retrieve those images. How can I install Docker Enterprise Edition (Docker EE) in an air-gapped environment?


Docker provides instructions for what we call an "offline installation." Essentially, it's necessary to download the images onto a system that is connected to the Internet, disconnect that system from the Internet, transfer those files to the air-gapped environment (typically through a controlled file copy operation), and load them onto the nodes where Docker EE is being installed.

This process is documented in these links:

Additional Information

When telemetry settings are active on air-gapped servers, you may see recurring "plugin not found" errors.

You can disable them using the instructions on docs.docker.com.