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How do I resolve a '2016/03/09 14:48:23 Registration failed, 402. Retry in 1 seconds' error when starting the Docker Cloud Agent?

Article ID: KB000332


The Docker Cloud Agent is not able to connect remotely to Docker Cloud. To fix the issue, verify the correct ports are opened in any firewalls.


A2016``/03/09 14:48:23 Registration failed, 402. Retry in 1``secondserror occurs when starting the Docker Cloud Agent.


This error may be caused by the host's firewall configuration. V erify that the firewall has been disabled or that the following ports are opened:

  • Required
    • 6783/tcp and 6783/udp for the node to join the private overlay network for communicating with containers on other nodes.
  • Recommended
    • 2375/tcp: for Docker Cloud to communicate with the Docker daemon running on the node. If port 2375 is not accessible, Docker Cloud will attempt to communicate with node through a secure reverse tunnel.
    • Of course, any ports used by the application will also need to be open.