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Error using wildcard certificates for interlock

Article ID: KB001016


While configuring interlock with wildcard certificates you may face the following error if the configuration is invalid:

error during connect: Get https://test.ucp.example.com:443/v1.39/info: x509: certificate is valid for *.example.com, not test.ucp.example.com


Before performing these steps, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Interlock enabled
  • Using wildcard certificates for Interlock configuration


The error seen above when using wildcard certificates for interlock configuration is due to invalid configuration. Wildcard certs generally are used for first-level subdomains of the domain in question. In the example above, the wildcard certificate is valid for *.example.com. This means that the cert would be valid for ucp.example.com, docker.example.com, anything.example.com, etc. The certificate valid for *.example.com would NOT work however when adding a subdomain level such as test.ucp.example.com or anything.ucp.example.com.

The resolution is to:

A) Use valid wildcard certificate configuration per the expected domain levels. Example above being *.example.com

B) Use subject alternative names within the wildcard certs for the exact domain level matches

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