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Error response from daemon when pulling a specific image tag from DTR

Article ID: KB000400


Error pulling a specific tag shown as available in DTR UI repository:

Error response from daemon: manifest for <dtr/repo/image:tag> not found


Begin troubleshooting this issue by verifying the object storage backend.

  1. Validate if the backend storage contains tag reported as not found. Path would be similar to:

  2. If tag is not present on the storage backend, check if you have the full manifest available in the DTR UI. By navigating to https://dtr/repositories/examplerepo/exampleimage/manifests, you can copy the full manifest digest and use this to pull locally:

    $ docker pull dtr/example_repo/example_image@sha256:a0de123…
  3. Then, tag with the associated tag id from the manifest detail page:

    $ docker tag dtr/example_repo/example_image@sha256:a0de123… dtr/example_repo/example_image:55
  4. Now push the image with tag to the repository:

    $ docker push dtr/example_repo/example_image:55
  5. Finally check the backend storage to verify that you have the tag that was missing before:


The DTR UI still reports tag 55 as it did before but will no longer report Error response from daemon: manifest for <dtr/repo/image:tag> not found because the object storage backend has the reference.