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Migrating from UCP 2.1 Access Controls to UCP 2.2 Collections

Article ID: KB000402


In UCP 2.1, the settings under Admin Settings are set to prevent users from scheduling tasks on UCP manager nodes. After upgrading to UCP 2.2, these settings are not working anymore to prevent users from scheduling on any node.


Before performing these steps, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You've just upgraded from a UCP environment < 2.2
  • You have previously configured Users & Teams and Access Labels to implement access controls for your resources


In UCP 2.2, by default, everyone in the docker-datacenter organization has scheduler access to the top-level collection, Swarm (otherwise shown as /). RBAC controls in the new UCP 2.2 system are configured in a heirarchy like a directory tree. Permissions applied to a certain collection apply to everything below that. By default, a collection is made for the organization Org - docker-datacenter that everyone belongs to, which allows the scheduler access to /. The default collections /Shared and /System both fall under the root /, so the scheduler grant on / allows anyone to schedule containers on any nodes.

To prevent users from scheduling on UCP manager nodes, at a minimum, go to the Grants section under User Management and remove the default Org - docker-datacenter grant.

To fully implement node-based RBAC, first create some collections underneath /. When you click the Collections tab, you should see /System and /Shared. The /Shared collection is where worker nodes are placed by default. UCP/DTR nodes should be left in /System.

By default, everyone has access to their private collection under /Shared/private/<username>. The default access level for their private collections can be set in the Authentication & Authorization section under Admin Settings.

Set up two collections, /Shared/production and /Shared/development. Then, move some worker nodes into /Shared/production and /Shared/development by clicking on the Nodes tab to the left, then clicking the node to be moved, and selecting Configure from the menu at the right, then Collections. Then go to User Management > Teams & Organizations and create 2 teams under the docker-datacenter organization: prod_team and dev_team.

If you already have users in the system, click on the team, and in the menu at the right, select Actions > Add Users. Check the boxes by the users to add to the team and click Add Users at the bottom.

With teams populated with users, you can create Grants based on those teams to give access to specific collections. A collection can be any resource, nodes, secrets, images, networks, etc. Click on User Management > Grants, and Create Grant. On the Collections tab, drill down to the Collection you want to grant access to (Swarm > View Children > System > View Children > production > Select Collection), then click the Roles tab and select an appropriate Role for this grant. Finally, click Subjects and assign this grant to an organization/team or a single user.

Note that the RBAC controls can only restrict people who are logged into UCP with a client bundle or through the UI. If someone logs directly into a manager node and uses docker run the container will still run on that node.

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