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Requested access to the resource is denied when pushing an image via cli

Article ID: KB000425


Unable to push images to my Docker Hub repositories using Docker for Mac. Login looks successful, but pushing images fails.

  • Error:
"Upload failed: denied: requested access to the resource is denied" 
"Attempting next endpoint for push after error: denied: requested access to the resource is denied" 
"Failed to check for presence of layer sha256:xxxx (sha256:xxxx) in docker.io/<user>/<repo>” error="errors:\ndenied: requested access to the resource is denied\nerror parsing HTTP 401 response body: unexpected end of JSON input: \"\"\n"&nbsp;
"failed to mount layer sha256:xxxx (sha256:xxxx) from docker.io/<user>/<repo>: errors:\ndenied: requested access to the resource is denied\nunauthorized: authentication required\n"&nbsp;

Troubleshooting Steps

  • Push updated images to currently used repositories
  • Push image to newly created repositories (able to create new repositories but can't push to them)
  • Try to push manually (through docker push mylittleadventure/:)
  • Try to log out/in (and with a few different syntaxes)


  • Able to log in successfully
  • Able to build successfully through automated builds
  • Billing plan seems to be active and correctly configured (with valid credit card, not expired)
  • Unable to push from any host whether it be server or personal machine and no matter the network


There is a known issue that occurs with docker login via command line when using Docker for Mac. A docker login command shows a successful login, however Docker for Mac doesn't appear to honor the login.

Please see the following GitHub issue for more context:


Does your password happen to include any special characters, specifically the ":" character? When the ":" character is included in a password, this issue will occur.