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Scope of Support

Article ID: KB000432

Docker Enterprise Edition

Docker Enterprise Edition is a subscription of software, support, and certification for enterprise dev and IT teams building and managing critical apps in production at scale. Docker EE provides a modern and trusted platform for all apps with integrated management and security across the app lifecycle, and includes three main technology components: the Docker daemon (fka "Engine"), Docker Trusted Registry (DTR), and Docker Universal Control Plane (UCP). Docker EE is validated and supported to work in specific operating environments as outlined in the Docker Compatibility Matrix, adhere to the Docker Maintenance Lifecycle, and is supported within the defined Docker Scope of Support and Docker Commercial Support Service Levels. Refer to the Subscription Services or the End User Subscription Agreement for more information. To view the latest updates and upgrade instructions, visit the release notes for daemon, DTR, and UCP.

Supported Unsupported
  • Docker Enterprise Product break/fix in development and production including installation, configuration, problem diagnosis, and bug fixes
  • Deployments on physical or virtual hosts when running a supported Host Operating System identified in the Docker Compatibility Matrix
  • Released, generally available, pre-built Docker packages of Docker Enterprise Products
  • Any releases, modifications, or compilations other than the released, generally available, Docker pre-built packages of the Docker Enterprise Product Suite
  • Customization of the Docker Products (other than officially supported bug fixes)
  • Custom Scripting
  • 3rd party software used in conjunction with the Docker Products
  • Software development, systems architecture design or performance tuning
  • The infrastructure components upon which the Docker Products run

Docker Hub

The "Basic Support" service level is available to all Docker Hub users.