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UCP install fails on Azure at step 28

Article ID: KB001068


When installing UCP for the first time to a VM located in the Azure cloud, installation fails with an error during the process referencing step 28 of 35. The installer exits and the installation may be stuck and does not resume.

INFO[0148] Step 28 of 35: [Install Kubernetes Compose Plugin]
FATA[0270] unable to run install step "Install Kubernetes Compose Plugin": unable to wait for Kubernetes Compose Plugin to be running: context deadline exceeded
FATA[0544] container ucp-installer exited with 1

Root Cause

A Public instead of Private IP and was used in the UCP install command. The install process can't reach the node's local ports because it has to traverse an Internet route to the Public IP.


Remove the already installed components that are now stuck, and then re-run the UCP install command with the correct Private IP for the UCP host address

  1. Manually remove the stuck UCP install
docker swarm leave --force
docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
docker system prune -a
docker secret rm ucp-auth-key
  1. Re-run the UCP install command - with the correct --host-address IP
docker container run --rm -it \
  --name ucp \
  --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
  docker/ucp:3.2.3 install \
  --host-address <ucp-ip> \
  --pod-cidr <ip-address-range> \
  --cloud-provider Azure \