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Unable to redeploy a stack using docker compose with persistent volumes within the same collection when using a volume storage plugin with UCP


The following UCP error may be encountered when redeploying a stack using external volumes backed by a volume storage plugin:

failed to create service myservice: Error response from daemon: located 1 sets of existing volumes named "mypluginvolume" with different collection labels. Please make sure all existing volumes with the same name share the same collection or don't have one at all


  • Universal Control Plane (UCP) versions 2.2.x, 3.0.x and 3.1.x
  • Container volumes managed by third-party volume plugin


Enable local_volume_collection_mapping in the cluster_config table of the UCP config using the procedure for your UCP version:

The local_volume_collection_mapping option was first made available in UCP 2.2.6. When enabled this option moves storage of collections labels for volumes from volume lables into UCP’s local KV store thereby providing a consistent interface for UCP to query volume labels.