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Unable to update or view Admin Settings in UCP UI


  • Unable to update or view Admin Settings in UCP UI post upgrade to UCP 3.0.x.

Root Cause and Resolution

  • We have sometimes found that post-upgrade, other customers have encountered this problem, too. We believe this might be caused by changes to the Javascript and other web objects involved in the UI code for UCP. We can verify if this is your problem or not fairly easily: specifically, we'd like you to invalidate any UI objects cached in your web browsers. You can do this by clearing the browser cache of any history, and retrying a login to your UCP, or by refreshing the UI after clearing the cache.

  • If the problem persists after clearing your browser cache and/or history, then there may be other issues at hand. If this is the situation please open a case with Docker Support at https://success.docker.com/support/, also verify solutions in https://success.docker.com or https://docs.docker.com