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What happens when my Docker EE license expires?

Article ID: KB000634

What happens to Docker engine / UCP / DTR functionality if my license expires?

Almost nothing changes.

Engine: The engine doesn't depend on the license being installed for ongoing functionality, it only requires licensing to access the package repositories. An expired license may affect your ability to upgrade.

UCP: UCP components will continue to work as expected, despite seeing warnings regarding the license expiry in the web UI.

DTR: Image pushes to the DTR will be disabled. All other functionality will persist.


  • Installing a license with a node count smaller than the number of nodes in the cluster will not be possible, until the actual node count has been reduced as appropriate.
    • For example, for a cluster size of 50 nodes, if your license supporting 40 nodes, the license can only be installed once at least 10 nodes have been removed from the cluster.
  • Current cluster functionality should not be construed as a form of license validation. Ensure that all cluster licenses are current.
  • The Docker Store