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What's New in Docker EE 17.06?

Article ID: KB000467

Docker EE 17.06 supports mixed Windows and Linux clusters, image scanning, automatic image promotion, multi-stage builds, and expanded access control — all with an enhanced UCP UI.

Discover What's New in 17.06, and then watch these videos to learn about some of the key Docker EE 17.06 features:

Downgrading your Docker EE license

As of Docker EE 17.06, several features are enabled by having an advanced-tier license. However, you will not be able to downgrade your license from advanced to standard if you are actively using any of the advanced UCP features. To downgrade your license, you need to manually reconfigure UCP so that no advanced tier features are in use. To do that, use the instructions in the following article before applying your new license:

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