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Why can't I log into my Docker Hub account after converting it to an organization?

Article ID: KB000525

Your user account will be converted into an organization account where all administrative duties are left to another user or group of users in the organization. Once the account conversion is done, you will be immediately logged out of the account and will no longer be able to log into this account. All administrative actions will be performed by the owners of the organizations (members of the "owners" group). When converting a user account to an organization, you are prompted to enter an initial owner of the new organization. This user account must exist and must be a different user who will be able to manage the organization (organizations can't be directly logged into).

If you've converted a user account into an organization without establishing another account as the owner of the new organization, please create a new user account that will be the owner, and then open a support request and include the name of this new user account so that Docker Support can reclaim the organization for you.

Details on converting a user account to an organization can be found in How do I convert my Docker Hub user account into an organization account?