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Why does my node reboot without notice?

Article ID: KB000542


A server, manager, or worker node reboots without notices and without clear explanation.


To debug this node reboot, use these methods to gather more information.

Use the last Command

Use the command last. It shows who has recently used the server and logged in and out date/time.

For example, this will filter only the reboot:

last | grep -i reboot

The command last -x normally filter only the reboot times.

Check the Log Files

Check the logs. Depends on your system, you might need to check the logs on journald or inside the /var/log directory or both.

For journald, use the command journalctl. The documentation explains all the options and how to filter the results.

Look inside your /var/log directory. You can grep for keywords such as reboot and panic:

grep -ri "reboot" /var/log/*
grep -ri "shut" /var/log/*
grep -ri "panic" /var/log/*

Check for System Metrics

Also check for system metrics. It can help you find if it is related to system issues (load, filesystem full, out of memory, etc).