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Why don't I have the option to scale my service to multiple containers?

Article ID: KB000543


I just configured a service and cannot find the "number of containers" slider that allows scaling. Has it been moved somewhere or have I misconfigured something and hence I don't have the option to scale the service to multiple containers?


Check if the EVERY_NODE deployment strategy was selected when creating the service, since using this deployment strategy prevents manual scaling. A service with an EVERY_NODE strategy will have one container deployed on each node that matches its deploy tags. It has the following properties:

  • With every new node that matches the service’s deploy tags, a new container will be deployed to it.
  • It cannot be manually scaled.
  • If the service uses volumes, each container on each node will have a different volume.
  • If the service is linked from another service with EVERY_NODE strategy, containers will be linked one-to-one on each node.

Note: Currently it is not possible to change from EVERY_NODE to HIGH_AVAILABILITY or EMPTIEST_NODE and vice versa, so a new service would need to be created in order to use the new deployment strategy.