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Why am I receiving duplicate emails every time my support case is updated?

Article ID: KB000595

Every time the technical staff at Docker updates an open support case, I receive duplicate or at least two email updates about my case. Why is this happening? What can I do to prevent it?

The typical cause of multiple notifications or duplicated case update notices is when entitled (paying) customers submit support cases via email. Docker support staff typically update the case details with your full contact information, the company you work for, and the support entitlement so that you and your case receive the proper service level. This has a side-effect of causing two notifications for every case update, due to a flaw in some back-end logic in Docker's case management software. The update notifications refer to the same case, and the duplicate can be safely ignored.

To avoid this issue, Docker Technical Support recommends to always submit and manage your support cases using our support portal. This helps ensure your cases always receive the service levels you and your company requested and minimizes any delays in resolution (cases created via email have no committed service level).