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Why is my engine contacting api.segment.io every day?

Article ID: KB000757

Monitoring of my cluster reveals daily connection of every engine (Docker daemon) in my cluster(s) attempting to connect to a remote site api.segment.io. This appears to be a security violation. Why is the engine attempting this connection? Can I stop it?

In Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) Standard and EE Advanced, usage analytics are sent to api.segment.io. The results of this analytics data are used to gather information about deployed clusters. This usage data is collected as a result of customers enabling collection of this data in their UCP administrative settings. This collection can be disabled by logging in to UCP with an administrative account, visiting Admin Settings -> Usage and unchecking all boxes on that page.

In EE Basic (engine only deployments), you can determine if the usage analytics are being collected by runing a command like the following

 # docker plugin ls

If this command results in a listing that includes some version of "docker/telemetry", then usage analytics are being collected. Usage analytics collection can be stopped by disabling the plugin for each engine in the cluster. To disable this, run a command similar to the following on each node:

 # docker plugin disable docker/telemetry:1.0.0.linux-x86_64-stable

using the complete version tag/string shown from the "docker plugin ls" command.