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Windows Cheatsheet for Linux Engineers

Article ID: KB000786


Most dev-op engineers are either Windows or Linux expert but not both. This article provides you with resources on commonly used command and documentations.

Please note that this article shows close command equivalent only; the commands do not necessarily give you the exact same kind of data.

Frequently Used Commands

Shell on Linux Powershell on Windows
cat cat
cd cd
date date or Get-Date
df -hi Get-PSDrive
env Get-ChildItem Env:
... | grep ... | findstr
history history
ip address show ipconfig
ls ls or Get-Children
nslookup (rpm bind-utils, deb dnsutils) nslookup or Resolve-DnsName
ping ping
ps ps or Get-Process
ss netstat
ssh Enter-PSSession
systemctl start docker Start-Service docker
systemctl stop docker Stop-Service docker
... | tail -n 5 ... | Select-Object -Last 5
top While(1) {ps | sort -des cpu | select -f 15 | ft -a; sleep 2; cls}
tree tree
vi, vim, gedit notepad

Important Directories (defaults)

Linux Windows
client binary /usr/bin/docker C:\Program Files\Docker\docker.exe
daemon binary /usr/bin/dockerd C:\Program Files\Docker\dockerd.exe
daemon config /etc/docker C:\ProgramData\docker\config
data root dir /var/lib/docker C:\ProgramData\docker
host file /etc/hosts C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Helpful Resources