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Windows containers unable to ping Linux container service vip

Article ID: KB000976


Deployed two docker services, one with windows container and one with linux containers, on same overlay network.

  • When Windows containers try to call api running on Linux containers using Docker service vip it errors with a time out.
  • Windows containers are unable to ping virtual ip address of Docker service, but ping to individual Linux containers is working.


  • Windows Server 2016 Standard Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.2906)
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Service on Windows is running in DNSRR mode

Root Cause

Service mode discovery on Windows is available beginning with 1709.



"Parity with Linux service publishing options has been highly requested by Windows customers. Adding support for service publishing using ingress mode in Windows Server 1709 enables use of Docker’s routing mesh, allowing external endpoints to access a service via any node in the swarm regardless of which nodes are running tasks for the service. These networking improvements also unlock VIP-based service discovery when using overlay networks so that Windows users are not limited to DNS Round Robin. Check out the corresponding post on the Microsoft Virtualization blog for details on the improvements."